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Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters

Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters is a translation service provider in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Its history goes back to September 30, 1994 when the first meeting of the Independent Association of Interpreters took place in order to set up an organization of freelancers with the purpose of filling in the then existing legal and informational vacuum in the field of professional translation and interpretation and as well as to ensure legal and social protection of the interpreters and translators. At that time, in order to stop spreading of non-professionalism on the market, we created a database of high-caliber translators/interpreters working in various professional fields.

Today we are a professional company offering a full range of translation,  interpreting and consulting services in the field of international communication based on the experience accumulated by us during this period in our work with:

  • Governmental and non-governmental agencies (The Sverdlovsk Oblast Government, the Ekaterinburg City Administration, the General Consulates of Germany, USA, Great Britain, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow, the German Energy Agency DENA and many others);
  • Cultural and scientific institutes (BBC School, Ekaterinburg Opera House, hospitals, research institutes, etc.);
  • Large industrial producers  and import/export operators («Sinara», «Siemens», «Uralkhimmash»,  «Renоvа», «DAF Trucks», «IKЕА», «Dentsply», «Astra Zeneсa» and many others);
  • The Netherlands Senior Experts Program (PUM) that we have been representing for more than 15 years and have participated in more than 300 projects.

We are proud that our interpreters and translators have been involved in many of the most important international projects both in Ekaterinburg and other regions.

We are proud that our clients appreciate our input in their success. We are your best return on investments!

John Sharp, Acting Consul General in Ekaterinburg, congratulated participants of the Master Game ‘Interpreting Spec Ops’ with International Translation Day
The Translation Forum Russia, an international conference on translation, will take place at the Grand Hotel Kazan in Kazan from September 28 to September 30, 2012.
In the consumer awareness rating, the Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters ranked 18th in the list of 100 translation bureaus of Russia.
+7 (343) 237-03-37
51, 8 Marta St., off. 607,
Ekaterinburg 620026
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